Why I Am A REBA Member

My membership in REBA supports all that is described here, and more: REBA is the nucleus of the population in the legal community focusing on real estate law. It is where you find the answers to your questions, the solutions to your problems, and the statute, case law, and standards which support your decisions. REBA is education by way of seminars, webinars, meetings, and writings. REBA includes among its membership, those who write our standards and statutes and create our case law. REBA fights for our legal community. Its members are the authors of innumerable amicus briefs and statutes. Its members are the lawyers and lobbyists who fight our battles. REBA is the reason why real estate closings in this State remain with lawyers. If you are a real estate lawyer or a member of a real estate firm’s support staff, REBA is the reason that you remain strong; that your practice or business has not been diminished by Witness closings and title agencies doing your job, probably replacing you. As a real estate Paralegal, REBA is my greatest educator. REBA is the place where I am surrounded by the very best in the business (my celebrities) and by those who share passion, dedication, loyalty and comradery.

Jacqueline A. Waters Adams
Lieberman Law Office, PC – West Newton
Member since 2004

REBA has been an invaluable resource in my professional career. When I began the practice of law, REBA welcomed me with open arms. REBA membership is comprised of seasoned real estate practitioners, from various backgrounds and walks of life, such as Ed Bloom, Paul Alphen, Dan Ossoff, Susan LaRose to name a few. In my opinion, the members of REBA are always ready, willing and able to provide mentorship, guidance and information to new lawyers. REBA has submitted several amicus briefs on issues of import. In private practice I often relied heavily on REBA's title standards and forms to help navigate some of the complexities of the practice of Real Estate law. If you are not a REBA member, I would encourage you to consider attending a REBA Conference or Section meeting. The information provided will keep you apprised of the ever change world of real estate!

Benjamin O. Adeyinka
Administrative Office of the Housing Court
Member since 2013

On the first day of my first job as an attorney, in 1985, I became a member of the Massachusetts Conveyancers Association. Having the Standards and Forms to refer to have been invaluable to my small practice; having them to rely upon is like being able to run something by an infallible seasoned expert. The Spring and Fall meetings provide us with the opportunity to break bread with our brothers and sisters, and they are an essential source of CLE. The case law updates by Phil Lapatin are alone worth the price of admission. I have no idea how anyone practices real estate related law without the resources and CLE provided by REBA.

Paul F. Alphen
Alphen & Santos, PC – Westford
Member since 1985

I value my REBA membership as I would a mentor.  The well-attended spring and fall meetings offer seminars on topics that are central to my practice and provide opportunities to rub elbows with other passionate real estate attorneys.  REBA is not only a provider of legal education—it is a vibrant organization that is deeply involved and committed to the Massachusetts real estate bar.   REBA has been the source of numerous professional relationships and networking opportunities throughout my career. I am proud to be a member of this excellent organization.

Thomas W. Aylesworth
Marcus Errico Emmer Brooks PC – Braintree
Member since 2010

Like many real estate attorneys, I am a REBA member because of the tremendous educational opportunities it provides, not to mention the forms and the invaluable Dispute Resolution services! I’m also a member because of the camaraderie that comes from working with other real estate attorneys who routinely share with other REBA members their not-inconsiderable talents, skills, and knowledge, as well as their boundless curiosity and valuable time. There is no question too complex, no issue too daunting, and no matter too serious for REBA members to bandy about in an effort to help improve the real estate bar and better serve our clients. It is a privilege knowing so many talented attorneys and associate members. I am grateful every day for the opportunities that REBA provides and look forward to many more years as a member.

Julie P. Barry
Prince Lobel Tye LLP
Member since 2004

REBA has been the guardian angel of my practice for decades. Custodian of law as a profession, not a business; repository of the collective wisdom of thousands of astute practitioners; bulwark against the unauthorized practice of law; pilot through the constant tides of new laws and regulations; collegial forum for discussion of common issues…REBA is the indispensable keeper of the flame of an honorable profession.
Robert L. Bell Jr.
Bell & Izzi LLP – Melrose
Member since 2003

I view my membership in REBA as an indispensable part of my real estate practice. Dating back to my initial membership many years ago, the REBA educational programs and conferences were invaluable resources for my professional development as a real estate attorney, and still today I rely on them to stay abreast of new developments and to learn how my colleagues in the Real Estate Bar are continuing to find new ways to handle old issues. Moreover, becoming involved in REBA sections and committees has given me opportunities (earlier in my career and continuing to the present) to work together with, and learn from, some of the top lawyers in the state in those particular practice areas, and to elevate my own practice and legal knowledge in those areas. Those associations have further helped to elevate my own profile and reputation within the Massachusetts Real Estate Bar; they have helped open up opportunities to take on leadership and other high-profile roles within REBA, and have led to numerous invitations to speak as an expert on professional panels and in educational programs (within and without REBA). And, it has been personally fulfilling. Many of the attorneys with whom I have worked through REBA over the years have become friends, and a couple of them are now my law partners. In summary, the benefits of being a REBA member have been multi-faceted and have been compounding over the course of my career.
Thomas Bhisitkul
Hinckley Allen & Snyder, LLP – Boston
Member since 2005

As a newly admitted attorney, I was encouraged to join REBA by the colleagues at my firm. One piece of advice that I received at that time, which has proven to be true, is that REBA creates the opportunity to be a leader. More than any other bar association that I have been associated with, REBA encourages the involvement of young professionals and constantly seeks out their input to shape the future of the association. There are always opportunities to engage and network with other practitioners – whether it be by participating on a committee or section, attending networking events, or having articles published in REBA News. Since joining the association, I have also been struck by its far reach. While I practice in Braintree, I am on the Zoning Board of Appeals in Falmouth. Not only have attorneys from both areas commented on different articles that they have read in REBA News, but I also have the pleasure of seeing these individuals at the numerous REBA events. It is truly a small real estate bar, and I am tremendously grateful to REBA for fostering the connections that I have made, and will continue to make, as I practice.
Kimberly A. Bielan
Moriarty Troyer & Malloy LLC – Quincy
Member since 2013

In 2004, I was asked to form a Commercial Leasing Section as part of the expansion and rebranding of REBA, to cover numerous aspects of the practice of real estate law, beyond title and conveyancing matters. Coincidentally, 2004 was the year that the Red Sox broke the “Curse of the Bambino” and won the World Series for the first time in 86 years.  Inasmuch as my fantasy about playing center field for the Sox was unlikely to come to fruition, I agreed to join REBA. That decision opened up a world that has enhanced my legal practice and professional life beyond anything I could have imagined.  It exposed me to lawyers dedicated to the development of both the practice of law and the highest ethical standards of the real estate bar. My membership gave me the opportunity to develop leadership skills, knowledge of cutting-edge issues facing real estate lawyers, and numerous chances to teach, write and lecture on topics that new lawyers needed to learn, as well as evolving issues that experienced lawyers needed to resolve.  My involvement with REBA has made me a better lawyer, while enriching my years of practice.  If there is truth to the old adage that “(you) practice law until (you) get it right,” joining REBA will get it right.
Edward M. Bloom
Member since 2004

REBA is a unique and collegial professional association whose virtues should be more widely known. Its membership of attorneys and paralegals, from novice to veteran, are engaged in a wide array of real estate-related practice areas, and the educational and leadership opportunities that are offered are second to none. The Networking Section and the annual fundraiser for the Women’s Lunch Place has been a particular passion of mine, and its success and the impact we have had on the clients of the Women’s Lunch Place has been extremely meaningful and gratifying. Membership in REBA, and the REBA relationships I have formed, have enriched my personal and professional life in innumerable ways. I wish I had discovered REBA earlier in my career, and can’t recommend it enough.
Nancy I. Blueweiss
Blueweisslaw and Real Estate – Jamaica Plain
Member since 2004

As a new member to the Massachusetts bar, I joined REBA because it provides sophisticated, yet accessible resources to its members. Real estate, with all of its associated nuances, is a complex area of law with infinite rules, regulations, protocols, and exceptions. It’s constantly evolving. REBA stays on top of the law by tapping experts in their fields to offer opinions and analyses on case law and legislative changes that directly pertain to my area of practice. I value REBA’s unparalleled targeted educational resources and my access to its network of experienced and knowledgeable professionals.
Olympia A. Bowker
Anderson & Kreiger LLP – Boston 
Member since 2016

I left Massachusetts to work in California for a period of time and, with my return, have an even greater level of appreciation for the special space that REBA offers for real estate colleagues to come together, share information, and advance the practice. REBA offers highly useful educational opportunities and productive and interesting networking events.  I know REBA will continue to offer an important place for me to stay informed, be engaged and be part of the development of real estate law.
Katherine G. Brady
Moriarty Troyer & Malloy LLC – Boston
Member since 2006

I have been a member in name of REBA since I first began practicing in Massachusetts.  More recently, I became a member in practice – attending luncheon programs, speaking at and attending the Annual Meeting and Spring Conference, and serving as a committee co-chair. That commitment in time has fostered a greater commitment to my practice and my development as a land use and real estate litigator.  By truly participating in this association, I have learned about new developments in the law, brainstormed solutions to vexing problems with colleagues, and made some friends along the way.
Kate Moran Carter
Dain / Torpy - Boston
Member since 2008

For my practice doing development work and land use litigation, the bar is small and almost all such practitioners are members of REBA. If I want to know and develop working relationships with the people that I see in cases day-to-day, then REBA is the place to be. Plus, the programming is excellent.
Daniel P. Dain
Dain / Torpy - Boston
Member since 2004

In the practice of law, as in most other activities, the best advice is to associate yourself with the people who are the best at what they do. REBA provides just that opportunity to lawyers of all levels of experience and ability. The Board of Directors is an extraordinary group representing the best talent in areas as diverse as Affordable Housing and Commercial Leasing. There is no professional association that provides more comprehensive resources through open meetings, mentoring and individual advice on ethical issues. Membership also provides access to the Association’s invaluable Title, Practice, and Ethical Standards and Forms. On top of all that, REBA is the leading advocate in Massachusetts for the essential role of attorneys in real estate transactions. That is why I am proud to be a member of REBA.

Henry J. Dane
Dane Brady & Haydon, LLP
Member since 2004

No matter how tight things were, I always tried to keep my REBA membership up! Michael Healy, who shared an office with my attorney, first recommended that I join REBA. I have never regretted it! I am always in awe of my colleagues in REBA (even if I might disagree with them on occasion). They have always been welcoming and willing to share their expertise, and who better to discuss/argue the finer points of property law or bounce things off of? Best investment I (or anyone) could make!

Irene L. Del Bono
Attorney at Law – Natick
Member since 1993

REBA is the premier source for conveyancers. Its committees and sections provide invaluable education and guidance to effectuate accurate transactions and maintain clear and marketable title, all of which is available to members on-line and at the many breakouts at REBA’s semi-annual conferences. I joined REBA for access to its Standards and Forms, and now proudly serve on the Standards Committee and Legislative Section. It is an honor working with so many knowledgeable and talented real estate practitioners to advance REBA goals of professionalism, accuracy and education for the real estate bar.

Lisa J. Delaney
Carvin & Delaney LLC – Sharon
Member since 1993

Soon after being admitted to the Massachusetts Bar, I knew that joining REBA was going to be essential to my career as a real estate attorney for many reasons.  REBA’s robust professional network, as well as its unmatched educational opportunities, make it a clear—if not necessary—choice for anyone working in real estate.  Personally, membership has allowed me to connect with countless others in this field, which I have found especially valuable as a new attorney.  I am grateful that my mentors and colleagues, who are all longtime REBA members, encouraged me to join, and I would do the same for anyone considering membership.
Janelle H. Dempsey
Lawyers for Civil Rights – Boston 
Member since 2018

Education and Advocacy. REBA takes its mandate seriously and seeks to educate its members in a variety of ways through its sections, conferences, programs, Title Standards, Practice Standards, and Forms. When I first started as a real estate lawyer, the Title Standards alone were worth the price of the membership. Then I became aware of the advocacy and education REBA undertakes on behalf of its members. In both the legislative and regulatory processes, it is so important for REBA to have a seat at the table – REBA may not always get its way, but its ability to reach decision-makers is important. My involvement in REBA has enabled me to see and understand the challenges facing our profession and ways we can come together to face those challenges and learn from each other. I encourage all to become involved!
Paula M. Devereaux
Pierce Atwood LLP – Boston
Member since 1988

I joined REBA shortly after I opened my solo practice in 2009. In those early days, I relied on REBA for basic education in real estate. As my practice has grown, my relationship with REBA has deepened. I try to attend at least one conference a year. The workshops are informative and I enjoy meeting colleagues from around the commonwealth. I have also used REBA’s dispute resolution service and have been enormously impressed with the quality of the neutrals. Most recently, REBA strongly supported me in a case of first impressions that I argued before the SJC in October 2020 (which, ahem, I won). I brought the lawsuit in the first place because of something I learned at a REBA conference. I consider my REBA membership an essential part of my law practice and it gives me a competitive edge in the Cape Ann/North Shore real estate market.
Meredith A. Fine
Law Office of Meredith A. Fine - Gloucester 
Member since 2009

REBA membership is similar to a valuable partner in the closing process. Their Standards and Forms are available and up to date at all times. It is a place to go for direction and they are always available to help. REBA is an organization that sets the standard of practice for conveyancing attorneys. They promote education and host numerous seminars and webinars throughout the year. They keep their membership informed of changes within the industry and they are here to protect the role of the attorney in the closing process. My company has had a REBA membership for years and I have been able to benefit from that. I obtained my own membership a year ago as I became the Co-chair for the Paralegal Section. They are as valuable an organization to paralegals as they are to attorneys. I believe in this organization and hope to be a part of it for years to come.
Sharon T. Garcia
CATIC – Waltham 
Member since 2015

I have been a real estate lawyer for 45 years. I have been a member of REBA (MCA) for 43 years. I would not have been as successful in the former without the latter. I feel that I have grown with the organization. I take part in as many section meetings as I can; learning and sharing experiences. I have had the honor to be on Standards & Forms Committee for many years, as well as co-chair of the Registries Section. For the past five years, I have been on the Board of Directors and am now Clerk. Not bad for a poor kid from Roxbury and Mattapan. Needless to say, the resources of REBA are invaluable to my practice. Most importantly, the camaraderie of meeting and forming lasting relationships with members of REBA has been very rewarding to me.
Neil D. Golden
Gilmartin Magence LLP – Boston 
Member since 1979

REBA has successfully created unified standards for real estate closings in the Commonwealth. REBA brings diverse, wide-spread practitioners into one place to help create a more effective practice of real estate law. From the first time I began to practice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1984 in the furthest corner of the state, all the law firms where I have worked encouraged real estate attorneys to join REBA. This makes sense because it’s the best way to stay on top of changes in the law and our practice.
Elisabeth C. Goodman
Cain, Hibbard and Myers, PC  Williamstown, Pittsfield & Great Barrington
Member since 1996

I am excited to be a new member of REBA. As development and building in Massachusetts continues to boom, it’s more important than ever for construction law practitioners to stay on top of new developments and court decisions impacting owners, developers and contractors. REBA is a great resource toward this end.
Hugh J. Gorman
Member since 2018

I did not join REBA until it expanded its scope to appeal not only to residential conveyancers, but to a broader range of real estate lawyers.  I am glad that I did.  REBA is the premiere state-wide bar association for real estate practitioners.  Being a member of REBA provides me with access to its title standards, which are gospel in Massachusetts.  REBA membership also affords the opportunity to attend many conveniently scheduled conferences and luncheon programs covering a variety of issues relating to the practice of real estate law.  More importantly, participating in REBA activities has allowed me to get to know a vast number of other real estate practitioners, both within and outside my areas of practice.  Being a member of REBA has enhanced my knowledge and expertise as well as my network of other practitioners, all of which has benefited both me and my clients.
Thomas L. Guidi
Hemenway & Barnes LLP – Boston
Member since 2005

I have been a long-time member of REBA and its predecessor, the Massachusetts Conveyancers’ Association.  My membership and participation in REBA has been an invaluable privilege, affording me unparalleled opportunities for learning, growth, networking and leadership.  As a real estate litigator and trial lawyer, REBA has been critical to my practice, particularly in educating me in the wide-ranging and fascinating field of real estate law.  Just as important to me is the fact that REBA is populated by exceptional people from its membership to its staff to it leadership, now and then, across generations of lawyers.
Lawrence P. Heffernan
Robinson & Cole LLP – Boston 
Member since 2003

I joined REBA on the advice of a Land Court judge, who didn’t steer me wrong.  REBA has been, and continues to be, an invaluable resource for my practice. Between the information and analysis regarding developments in the law in the newsletter, to the forms and practice standards available for daily use, to the education provided through CLEs and lunch-and-learn sessions, I always know where to turn when I have a question. The REBA conferences provide a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn from fellow practitioners. Becoming actively involved in REBA has allowed me to expand my field of practice and my areas of expertise, as well as my circle of friends and colleagues. I would recommend REBA membership to anyone who practices in an area of law that concerns real property in any form.
Kathleen M. Heyer, Esq. 
Pierce Atwood, LLP – Boston
Member since 2013

After law school, I was clerking at the Land Court, and it was an easy decision to join REBA. Little did I know just how rewarding my membership would be, both personally and professionally. The educational programming is second to none. The membership is dynamic and informed. Through my membership and active participation, I have met new friends and colleagues, and grown as a professional. I cannot imagine being a real estate attorney without the support of REBA and its terrific leadership and members. REBA is, by far, my most valued professional association.
Robert K. Hopkins
Phillips & Angley – Boston 
Member since 2013

I began my career as a real estate attorney on February 9, 1984, which was my first day of work at Harrison & Maguire, PC. Then managing partner Denis Maguire pointed out the window to the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds and said to me, “go the Registry, learn how to examine titles and when you know how, you can come back.” I then spent several weeks training with Sidney Shadovitz learning how to sketch parcels, “abstract” deeds and probates, and assemble a coherent title exam. With Sidney’s blessing, I returned to the office. Denis then instructed me to join the Massachusetts Conveyancer’s Association (MCA) and memorize its Title Standards. Denis was in the second year of his two-year term as MCA President and presided over the first MCA meeting I attended. I am now entering my 35th year as a member of what is now REBA and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have been blessed with a number of influential mentors in my career, but the best teacher of all has been REBA and its leaders. I have had more professional satisfaction from the good friends I have met through REBA than any other forum. My membership in REBA is the most valuable bar affiliation that I have had in my entire career.
E. Christopher Kehoe
Robinson & Cole LLP – Boston 
Member since 1985

I have been a member of REBA and its predecessor, the Massachusetts Conveyancer’s Association, for many years and my membership has been invaluable.  I have learned a lot by attending REBA’s numerous mid-day one hour webcasts and its comprehensive spring and fall conferences at which emerging issues in real estate are addressed.  Through REBA I have also been able to interact with some of the most expert real estate practitioners in Massachusetts who have been a resource to me if I ever need to brainstorm about specific issues.  Moreover, REBA has afforded me outstanding marketing opportunities, since I have been able to present at various REBA programs and write articles for REBA News.  There is no question that joining REBA is a necessity for attorneys who practice in any aspect of real estate law in Massachusetts.

Kenneth A. Krems
Krems, Jackowitz & Carman, LLP – Boston
Member since 2003

I joined REBA very early in my career, as a young associate practicing at New England’s oldest environmental law firm, upon realizing that environmental law is closely connected to land use and property law.  In REBA, I found an organization offering top-notch programs and resources in each of these practice areas, which remains true after all these years.  The monthly luncheon programs provide informative, timely presentations on all manner of important issues by luminaries in the fields.  Likewise, REBA News presents articles on critical topics including court rulings and legislative news, with helpful, practical tips for attorneys.  I have found the resources available on REBA’s website to be extremely informative and useful as well.  The spring and fall conferences are collegial gatherings full of workshops and exhibitors. Thanks, REBA, for the networking, continuing education, and legal resources.
Luke H. Legere
McGregor Legere & Stevens PC – Boston
Member since 2009

A REBA membership is an absolute necessity as a lawyer in the real estate industry. Each year, REBA provides the very best in continuing education geared towards real estate. The bi-annual conferences are a must-attend. Moreover, led by some of the best legal minds in the state, REBA is at the forefront of developing and amending laws affecting the practice of law and real estate generally. I am proud to be part of an organization that cares about its members and its industry as much as REBA.
Dean T. Lennon 
Marcus Errico Emmer & Brooks, PC – Braintree
Member since 2012

I have been a member of REBA since the early 1990’s, when it was known as the Massachusetts Conveyancers Association. I am a REBA member because the seminars offered throughout the year, especially the breakout sessions at the Annual Meeting and Spring Conference, are invaluable. No other organization provides Massachusetts real estate practitioners with educational opportunities on a level as sophisticated as REBA. In addition to the education, there is a certain camaraderie among REBA members that sets the organization apart.
Thomas M. Looney 
Hackett Feinberg P.C. – Boston
Member since 1995

I joined REBA because I had heard such great things from transactional and litigation attorneys about REBA’s programming, networking, and leadership opportunities.   REBA provides fantastic opportunities for a lawyer to learn more about real estate law at any career stage; I am excited to be a part of such a well-respected professional association.
Amy M. McCallen
Citizens Bank – Boston
Member since 2018

REBA is the bar association of premier real estate attorneys for Massachusetts. The members are the go-to lawyers who are the best at real estate titles, transactions, insurance, permitting, and litigation. In addition, REBA publishes the definitive title standards, convenes well-attended conferences, conducts popular monthly luncheons, broadcasts professional simulcasts and podcasts, and hosts a list-serve on practice tips and opinions. My special interest is environmental law and litigation. In a flash, REBA approved my proposal to create its Environmental & Renewable Energy Law Section, of which I am a co-chair. REBA supports my Section's environmental and land use education and advocacy. Years ago, I knew of the Massachusetts Conveyancers Association (MCA), the predecessor of REBA, which I saw played a major role in important legislation and appellate cases. Wrongly thinking that the MCA was only about titles and closings, I missed becoming a member then. Now I know better. Even if you are not a "title attorney" or "closings attorney," you need REBA and will profit from membership. For example, you can learn about commercial and residential leasing, legislation and litigation, zoning and subdivision law, real estate finance, condominium law and practice, real estate taxation and abatements, construction law, and even estate planning and trusts and estates as related to real estate. You can meet the opinion leaders in the profession as well as the next generation.  And you can enjoy (and circulate in your firm, like we do) the valuable semi-annual synopsis of every Massachusetts court decision on real estate, presented by the inestimable Phil Lapatin in his standing-room only sessions at the REBA spring and fall conferences.
Gregor I. McGregor
McGregor Legere & Stevens PC – Boston
Member since 2003

As a real estate litigator, my membership in REBA has been critical to developing and expanding my practice in several respects. It has allowed me to stay informed about new and unresolved issues as they arise, before those issues have been addressed by trial and appellate courts. Hearing the expert opinions of REBA members dealing with cutting edge issues has allowed me to employ best practices with regard to those unresolved issues and has given me the ability to spot and deal with issues that would otherwise not have been apparent. Becoming active in REBA has afforded me the opportunity to speak at seminars and conferences, and to participate on bench/bar committees, which has given me the chance to demonstrate competencies and experience in substantive areas of the law to other members of the bar and to judges before whom I appear. My involvement in REBA has given me leadership opportunities in a variety of roles which put me in a position to meaningfully contribute, with fellow members of the Association, to the development of real estate law in the Commonwealth. Finally, by exposing me to professionals who care about the development and practice of real estate law, who are intellectually curious and who uphold the highest standards of the profession, REBA has made me a better lawyer, a more engaged member of the bar and happier and more contented with the profession than I would have been otherwise.
Thomas O. Moriarty
Moriarty Troyer & Malloy LLC – Quincy
Member since 1998

As a real estate attorney, my REBA membership is an essential part of my practice.  Membership provides wide-ranging educational opportunities involving title, land use, leasing, litigation, trusts and estates, taxation, and regulatory, to name a few.  Through its many (often weekly) seminars, annual conferences, extensive forms and dispute resolution services, REBA is the toolbox for every real estate practitioner.  I am also a member for the collegial aspect, where members share knowledge, including being on one or more of the many active sections.  If you are not currently a member, I encourage to join. 
David K. Moynihan
McLane Middleton, P.A. – Woburn
Member since 2008

REBA has been an invaluable resource as I have developed and expanded my real estate law practice. I have found the seminars and conferences especially helpful in navigating the often nuanced and ever-evolving aspects of the law. The bar and community of practitioners I have come into contact with have been another indispensable benefit of my membership. It is a formidable, highly-qualified and trained body of experts and practitioners willing to share their knowledge and provide support in countless ways. REBA and its members make me a better informed, more knowledgeable and more competent attorney. 
Angel K. Mozina
Hackett Feinberg P.C. – Boston
Member since 2017

I first joined REBA's predecessor organization, the Massachusetts Conveyancers Association, back in 1975 when I was just out of law school and learning to search the indices at several of the area registries of deeds. Since that time, I have learned that the only organization standing in my corner as a real estate conveyancer was REBA. From providing me with the support and knowledge I needed to make my practice informed, as well as robust, through both its semi-annual meetings with their breakout sessions, to a constantly updated set of title and practice standards, as well as excellent forms, this organization has been invaluable to me as an ever-evolving practitioner, real estate specialist and finally, underwriter for one of the major title insurers. In addition, its unauthorized practice of law initiative has been invaluable in preserving our role as the guardians of title transactions. Thanks to REBA's efforts, such as in the NREIS decision, a Massachusetts-licensed attorney must be present and active in the real estate closing process, and not just a distant corporation with no concept or knowledge of what a Massachusetts buyer or mortgage borrower needs to know as he or she attempt to navigate their way through it. REBA is the real estate practitioner's indispensable partner, bar none.
Kevin F. Murphy
Cunningham Machanic Cetlin Johnson Harney & Tenney, LLP – Natick
Member since 1995

REBA is an invaluable resource to all lawyers whose practice involves real estate, which is probably most lawyers, from conveyancers to lawyers who litigate real estate matters, from title to land use permitting.  The Standards and Forms save conveyancers from having to reinvent the wheel countless times.  The mid-day webcast seminars are enjoyable and enable one to learn in-depth from lawyers who practice in cutting-edge issues.  They provide the whole story, including all sides.  This is another huge time-saver if you have the same issue in your own practice.  Time well spent!
Michael J. O'Neill
McGregor Legere & Stevens PC – Boston
Member since 2005

When I joined Rackemann, Sawyer & Brewster in 1983, it was simply assumed by the firm’s partners that I would become a member of the Massachusetts Conveyancers Association, now known as the Real Estate Bar Association for Massachusetts.  The firm’s connection to the Association goes “way” back and all new lawyers were expected to become members, almost before they got their pencils sharpened at their new desks.  But what is most impressive to me is how the Association has evolved, right along with my own practice, and remains every bit as relevant for me today as it was back in those pre-computer dark ages.  While it remains the preeminent organization for conveyancing and title lawyers, REBA is so much more.  As a commercial transactional lawyer, the growth of the organization to include the Affordable Housing, Commercial Leasing, Commercial Real Estate Financing, Land Use and Zoning, and other Sections has enhanced the value in my day-to-day practice of my REBA membership.  As an active and concerned member of the real estate bar, I appreciate the ongoing efforts of the Legislation Section and the Amicus Committee to ensure that the interests of the bar and of our clients are represented and heard on Beacon Hill and in the courts of the Commonwealth.  As a parent of future homeowners, I treasure the role played by the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee in preserving the role of attorneys at the closing table to protect the interests of homebuyers in what, for most, will be the largest transaction of their lives.  On top of all of that, some of the finest people I know I have met through REBA activities.  My firm’s partners had it right in 1983, and it is every bit as right today.  Get involved and see for yourself!
Daniel J. Ossoff
Rackemann, Sawyer & Brewster – Boston
Member since 1983

When I hear a fellow member of the bar tell me that they are a real estate attorney, it does not shed much light on the specific/actual area of the law in which they concentrate.  With so many niche practices within real estate law, and the difficulty in staying up-to-date with the nuances in any one particular area, membership with REBA is imperative. REBA is the gold standard for practitioners looking to stay current in their area of real estate law, and its members are some of the best in the Commonwealth at what they do.  Friends and fellow members such as Tom Moriarty, Ben Adeyinka, Ken Krems, Emil Ward and Mark Einhorn, are clear examples of REBA’s experienced and expert membership.  I often reach out to REBA members for their opinions and guidance in areas unfamiliar to me, and feel the utmost confidence in referring clients to fellow REBA members.  Being asked to conduct lectures for REBA as a landlord attorney has been an absolute honor, and being able to tap into REBA’s various seminars, treatises, network, and meetings is an invaluable privilege.  I will undoubtedly remain a REBA member for life…as long as I can continue to afford it.
Ted S. Papadopoulos
AMPS Law, PC – Woburn
Member since 2016

REBA is THE organization that represents the interests of, and advocates for, real estate conveyancers and land litigators. Its Title Standards, Practice Standards, Ethics Standards and Forms are an invaluable practice aid that in themselves more than justify the annual membership fee. I have been a member of REBA for decades and have always valued that membership very highly. I don't see how any lawyer who does a significant amount of real estate conveyancing or land litigation can get along without it.
Michael Pill
Green Miles Lipton LLP – Northampton
Member since 1990

I became a member of the Real Estate Bar Association, known then as the Massachusetts Conveyancers Association, in 1975; that’s a long time ago!  Back then, to become a member you needed two letters of recommendation from established conveyancers; in other words, you needed to know what you were doing and be able to prove it.  Fortunately, that is no longer the practice; REBA provides the bar access to the vast knowledge of its members, its staff and its extensive resources in all aspects of real estate law.  It’s not just the Standards and Forms, as valuable as they are, but it is the shared knowledge and experience of its members and their willingness to distribute such expertise; the strong advocacy to keep the practice of conveyancing with the lawyer and not a corporate entity; to fight and defeat Closings Ltd, NREIS and others.  Unlike other bar associations, REBA is focused on real estate law.  That is its only agenda and it is the best vehicle for any and all attorneys to enhance their knowledge and best protect their clients.  I have benefited from my membership for many years and will continue to do so.
Christopher L. Plunkett
Christopher L. Plunkett, PC – Salem
Member since 1975

I am a second-generation member of REBA. My parents, both current members of REBA, instilled in me the importance of remaining up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry; of expanding my understanding of real estate by learning about topics that are on the periphery of our practice; and of the value of our community of real estate practitioners. In transactional real estate work, we are required to determine and apply the facts, interpret the law, and certify title. No matter how much experience you have, you will not always have all the answers. That is where REBA comes in. As a young attorney, I have relied on the materials produced by REBA to understand the law and enable me to apply the facts to the problem at hand. I rely on, not only the Title Standards, Practice Standards, and Ethical Standards, but the materials created for the outstanding semi-annual conferences and other presentations throughout the year. Without REBA, I would not have the endless supply of resources and support that I need as a real estate conveyancer.
Carrie B. Rainen
Rainen Law Office, PC – North Andover
Member since 2007

I am so thankful that I was encouraged to join REBA upon starting my legal career.  More than anything else, REBA has provided me with a meaningful connection to the real estate legal community.  It is a place where I can learn, network, and stay engaged with experienced and knowledgeable real estate professionals throughout the greater-Boston area.  As a young real estate attorney, REBA has been an invaluable organization to be a part of, and I am confident that it will continue to play a special part in my practice throughout my career.
Michelle G. Rosin
Seyfarth Shaw, LLP – Boston
Member since 2018

Becoming actively involved in REBA has made the practice of law a whole lot more fun. I say that for a number of reasons. My involvement started about nine years ago, when Clive Martin and I kicked off the Condominium Law & Practice Section. Since then, there has been a tremendous growth in the popularity of condominiums in Massachusetts, together with an ever-growing number of legal challenges and novel issues. Through REBA, I’ve been able to keep abreast of the law and even help shape its evolution through drafting model documents, authoring amicus briefs, crafting legislation, and debating it vigorously with colleagues. I honestly have to say, in a nerdy sort of way, that these dialogues are fun. I’ve been lucky to have this terrific group of lawyers accessible when a client has a unique situation and have found that REBA members are always happy to help brainstorm. REBA members are not only smart and knowledgeable, but are also a friendly and supportive group of professionals. The Women’s Networking Group is always fun and inspiring, and its annual event at the Women’s Lunch Place is a great way to give back to our community. After having been on the AAA panel for a number of years, I joined the REBA Dispute Resolution panel as a neutral, focusing on condominium, real estate, and construction disputes. REBA has provided me with leadership opportunities, as well as opportunities to write articles and present at conferences. I recommend REBA membership to any attorney whose practice touches on real estate – particularly newly admitted attorneys. 
Hon. Diane R. Rubin
Massachusetts Land Court
Member since 2008

When it comes to considering joining a bar association, REBA is the gold standard for real estate practitioners. Not only is there literally “something for everyone” who practices in the field of real estate law, but the resources provided are of the highest quality. Whether you’re seeking precise technical guidance on an intricate title matter, reaching out to an experienced fellow practitioner for advice, or desperately seeking a well-grounded neutral to resolve a nettlesome dispute, REBA has everything you’re looking for…and more.  That’s why I’m a REBA member and that’s why you should be one, too.
Robert M. Ruzzo
Member since 2001

Attorneys from Hemenway & Barnes have a long history of involvement with REBA. I have seen first-hand how REBA has advanced the development of their practices and their knowledge of the real estate industry. I am excited to be a new member and have already made new connections. I appreciate REBA’s educational opportunities and I look forward to being an active participant in the organization.
Johanna W. Schneider
Hemenway & Barnes LLP – Boston 
Member since 2019

Membership in REBA enables me to rub shoulders with the brightest real estate attorneys in the Commonwealth. Whether it is at a Committee meeting, at a Board meeting or, at a biannual Conference, I always come away having learned something new. REBA fosters excellence in statutory and decisional real estate law. Its members are scholars and not mere business persons. I’m proud to be a REBA member.
Richard M. Serkey
Member since 1980

For dirt lawyers, REBA membership is essential. REBA’s twice-yearly conferences and constant stream of programming from its substantive sections and committees keep me abreast of developments and advancements in real estate law, across all subdisciplines. REBA’s forms, title and ethical standards are a lodestar, when this litigator dips his feet into shoal transactional waters. The Association serves purposes as diverse as allowing its members to advocate for or against legislative changes to real estate law, to supplying a boundless reservoir of knowledge and expertise in the broad range of subject matters that collectively comprise the law of real property, writ-large. With my REBA membership, if I am presented with a question the answer to which confounds me, I know where, and to whom, I should turn. And, the answer is invariably thoughtful, incisive and friendly. With REBA, I am never lost and alone.
Nicholas P. Shapiro
Phillips & Angley – Boston 
Member since 2011

The advice given to me by senior attorneys was spot on: membership in REBA is a necessity for real estate practitioners. Not only do the educational resources enable the real estate bar to stay current on legal trends and nuances in every area of practice, but the network of highly skilled attorneys willing to discuss complex issues and bounce around ideas is invaluable.  Although real estate law is focused on property, our business is really about people. REBA and its sophisticated members help put legal concepts into perspective to best serve our clients and to challenge each other to maintain the integrity and the high-quality standard of the profession that we all love.  I only wish I joined sooner!

Shannon F. Slaughter
Dalton & Finegold, LLP - Andover
Member since 2016

My experience may be unique, having represented REBA as its lobbyist for over 30 years. I have had other professional organizations as clients. The volunteers at REBA are among the best informed and most articulate advocates before the Legislature and other governmental bodies whom I have observed. They get results that support members in their practices. This service to all REBA members is a singular “value-added” benefit to membership, and one that makes me especially proud as a lawyer.
Edward J. Smith
Law Office of Edward J. Smith – North Andover
Member since 1987

I have been a member of REBA and its precursor, the Massachusetts Conveyancers Association, for forty years, and a member of the Board of Directors for close to thirty years. My relationship with REBA has outlasted my first marriage, several law partnerships, my thyroid, a gall bladder, most of my hair and my left knee. REBA is a daily companion; the forms and standards never far from view. Equally important are the people who are REBA. I was blessed to serve on the MCA Board with mentors and legends in the conveyancing world, including Henry Thayer, Lou Eno, Norm Byrnes and Syd Smithers. For years, Board meetings meant spending time with Jon Davis, whose wisdom and passion I recall each time my thoughts turn to REBA. As a long-time Board member, it is a marvel to watch each new President bring their special touch to the job succeeding seamlessly from one year to the next. Credit Peter and Nicole, and the many gifted people who have given their time and energy to the job. When I was President of the MCA in 1994, the Office was a single room with a part-time administrator. The present REBA is in many ways the brainchild of Peter Wittenborg, who has broadened REBA’s scope, with REBA Dispute Resolution, additional Sections/Committees, and never-ending efforts to expand REBA’s membership and influence. Peter asked me onto the Board in 1989, and for that I am eternally grateful. Lastly, being an active member of REBA has afforded me opportunities not available in daily practice. I have prepared amicus briefs, written numerous articles for REBA News, testified on and drafted legislation, met with members of the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation in Washington DC and been active in different Sections/Committees.  Being out of your comfort zone is not always easy but try it…it may just change your life. 
Joel A. Stein
Law Office of Joel A. Stein – Norwell
Member since 1980

Through its lunchtime programs and simulcasts, REBA provides invaluable insights into many topics important to land use and real estate law practitioners.  Whether it is a Land Court Judge presenting updated rules and procedures, or attorneys digesting recent court cases and new laws, or counsel offering perspective and practical tips representing parties to a transaction or trial, I always come away educated and enriched. REBA’s publications similarly are filled with relevant and helpful articles. REBA members are very generous in sharing their knowledge and experience during and outside of REBA events.  Because of all this, REBA membership is a great value!
Nathaniel Stevens
McGregor Legere & Stevens PC – Boston
Member since 2005

How can you be a Massachusetts real estate practitioner and not be a member of REBA?  From my perspective, as a real estate litigator, you can’t. REBA membership affords a unique opportunity to participate with and learn from leaders in the industry that go the extra mile to preserve and protect the practice of real estate law in Massachusetts, as well as assist you in you practice.
Douglas A. Troyer
Moriarty Troyer & Malloy LLC – Quincy
Member since 2006