Here are the pro bono programs that are currently offered by REBA. Our goal is to establish pro bono opportunities for REBA members that are tailored to their skills, their resources, and their availability, while satisfying  the SJC goal that every lawyer provide 25 hours of pro bono public assistance each year.  

For more information about the REBA pro bono programs, or to learn more about how you can volunteer your services, contact Peter Wittenborg at

Department of Neighborhood Development Pro Bono Program

The Association’s Affordable Housing Committee teamed up with the City of Boston Department of Neighborhood Development (DND) to provide pro bono legal counsel to qualifying homeowners facing foreclosure. This program is available to homeowners whose income does not exceed 120% of the area mean income for the Boston area. DND will prescreen applicants and refer qualifying homeowners to REBA. REBA has an immediate need for any lawyers willing to donate their time and a specific need for lawyers whose practice experience includes Federal Bankruptcy Court experience, particularly on Chapter 7 matters, lender renegotiation, TILA and/or RESPA issues. Multilingual lawyers are particularly welcomed.      

Boston Community Capital Pro Bono Program  

REBA has teamed up with Boston Community Capital (BCC) in their Stabilizing Urban Neighborhoods Initiative (SUN), which provides support to families affected by the foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts. SUN is designed to stop the displacement of families before evictions occur and to prevent the neighborhood destabilization caused by vacant and abandoned properties.  

We invite all REBA members to volunteer their services as a pro bono attorney for homeowners to purchase their foreclosed or pre-foreclosed properties. We anticipate receiving one-to-two case referrals per month. It is unlikely that any one REBA volunteer would handle more than one or two pro bono matters in the course of a year.  

Visit for more information on the Stabilizing Urban Neighborhoods Initiative. Contact Kathy Schreck to volunteer at or (617)933-5876.      

Bankruptcy Court Volunteer Mediation Pro Bono Program

REBA will provide the services of volunteer mediators from its statewide membership or from the panel of mediators of its affiliate, REBA Dispute Resolution, to assist in resolving disputes arising in consumer cases filed under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code.  These disputes relate to mortgages encumbering residential real estate, including disputes relating to the attempted foreclosure of such mortgages. REBA or REBA/DR volunteers will participate as mediators in a case referred to REBA from the bankruptcy court (a "referred case") or directly with agreement of the parties, in which event the volunteer will be expected to provide up to four hours of service as a mediator.  This program was established in 2009 by REBA President Steve Edwards, and involves over 100 volunteer lawyers who are members of REBA.   

Department of Justice Pro Bono Program

The United States Attorney’s Office Mortgage Fraud group has asked REBA members for pro bono support for tenants or property owners who have become unwittingly involved in mortgage fraud cases. These buyers and renters, innocent collateral victims of fraud, often learn that their property or condominium unit is subject to foreclosure with little or no advance notice.  

The U.S. Attorneys’ Office cannot give legal advice, and in any event, is not generally familiar with real estate law. REBA has agreed to provide independent representation to these individuals by assigning them a pro bono REBA member volunteer. We anticipate receiving one-to-two case referrals per month. It is unlikely that any one REBA volunteer would handle more than a single pro bono matter in the course of a year.  

This program will provide our members with an opportunity to collaborate with the U.S. Attorneys’ Office, while providing much needed legal assistance to mortgage fraud victims.      

Homeowner Options for Massachusetts Elders (H.O.M.E.)

Homeowner Options for Massachusetts Elders (H.O.M.E.) is a charitable nonprofit organization, which helps to prevent foreclosure among our senior homeowners in Massachusetts.  Volunteer attorneys and paralegals are needed to help qualified elders complete the application for assistance.     If you would like to volunteer your time, please contact:                           

Rachel Ann Morin, Counselor
Homeowner Options for Massachusetts Elders
87 Hale Street, Lower Level
Lowell, MA  01851
Phone:  978-970-0012
Cell:  978-401-7768
Fax:  978-970-0015