Former Presidents of the Association (Partial Listing)

Although REBA and its predecessor organization, the Massachusetts Conveyancers Association, is over 150 years old, it is regrettable that few records were maintained and the group’s institutional memory is actually quite limited.  Below is a partial list for former Association Presidents.  We are grateful to Lou Eno, Bob Hoffman, Norman Byrnes, Bill Hovey, Fred Hilton, Wiley Vaughan, Julian D’Agostine, Denis Maguire and others for their help in preparing this admittedly incomplete listing.


2020: Jennifer L. Markowski

2019:  Paula M. Devereaux

2018:  Hon. Diane R. Rubin

2017:  Francis J. Nolan

2016:  Susan B. LaRose

2015:  Thomas Bhisitkul

2014:  Michelle T. Simons

2013:  Michael D. MacClary

2012:  Christopher S. Pitt

2011:  Edward M. Bloom

2010:  Thomas O. Moriarty

2009:  Stephen M. Edwards

2008:  Paul F. Alphen

2007:  Sami S. Baghdady

2006:  Robert J. Moriarty Jr.

2005:  Daniel J. Ossoff

2004:  E. Christopher Kehoe

2003:  Dick Keshian

2002:  Greg D. Peterson

2001:  Kathleen M. O’Donnell

2000:  Henry L. (Larry) Murphy Jr.          

1999:  Diane C. Tillotson

1998:  Hon. Gordon H. Piper

1997:  Stephen P. Bik

1996:  Ruth A. Dillingham

1995:  Jon S. Davis

1994:  Joel A. Stein

1993:  Michael P. Healy

1992:  Hon. James B. McElroy

1991:  Martin A. Loria

1990:  Peter Wittenborg

1989:  Carolyn P. Partan

1988:  Henry H. Thayer

1987:  F. Sydney Smithers IV

1986:  Robert J. Hoffman


1985:  William V. Hovey

1984:  Arthur L. Eno Jr.

1983:  Arthur L. Eno Jr.

1982:  Norman T. Byrnes

1981:  Norman T. Byrnes

1980:  Denis Maguire

1979:  Denis Maguire

1978:  Julian J. D’Agostine

1977:  Julian J. D’Agostine

1976:  Bruce Zeiser

1975:  Bruce Zeiser

1974:  Frederick B. Dailey 

1973:  Frederick B. Dailey

1972:  Richard B. Johnson

1971:  Richard B. Johnson

1970:  Frederick S. Lane

1969:  Frederick S. Lane

1968:  Dunbar Holmes

1967:  Dunbar Holmes

1966:  Frederic H. Hilton

1965:  Frederic H. Hilton

1964:  Herbert W. Vaughan

1963:  Herbert W. Vaughan 

1959:  Fosdick P. Harrison

1958:  Fosdick P. Harrison

1957:  Seldon G. Brooks

1956:  Seldon G. Brooks

1955:  Fosdick P. Harrington

1951:  Marshall G. Bolster

1950:  Marshall G. Bolster

1936:  Hon. Charles Thornton Davis

1935:  Hon. Charles Thornton Davis

1929:  Samuel T. Harris

1928:  Samuel T. Harris

1894:  John Kenrick III