Limited Appearance Representation Program

Standing Order 1-12, Limited Appearance Representation, effective January 2, 2013


Limited Assistance Representation, or “LAR,” permits attorneys to assist a self-represented litigant on a limited basis without undertaking a full representation of the client on all issues related to the legal matter for which the attorney is engaged. The Land Court, like the other trial courts in the Commonwealth, has seen an increase in the number of unrepresented litigants in recent years. These pro se litigants are usually people who cannot afford to hire an attorney to represent them through the entire case. Limited Appearance Representation, or “LAR,” allows qualified attorneys to appear in a case for a single event, or even to prepare pleadings on behalf of clients without filing an appearance.

Together with the Land Court REBA is now offering LAR training and certification and an opportunity to appear on a list of LAR-qualified attorneys that will be posted on the REBA web site.  This program will allow members to work with a whole new group of potential clients—people who previously would not hire an attorney at all.

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LAR-Qualified REBA Members


LAR Training & Certification for REBA Members


LAR Appearance Notice        LAR Withdrawal Notice


LAR Standing Order for the Land Court


LAR Article by the Hon. Robert B. Foster